Polypropolene Saddles

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Polypropylene Bolt Saddles

These Bolt Saddles or Pipe Saddles are a very cost effective way of enabling water to be taken from a pipe without having to cut the pipe in two and insert a take off point.

These Polypropylene Bolt Saddles can be used with any metric size pipe.

With 2 bolts and female thread up to 40mm
With 4 Bolts and female thread 50mm to 125mm
With 6 bolts and female thread 140mm +

Seal : NBR
Steel Reinforcing ring : stainless steel, AISI 430 from 63mm
Working Pressure : 10 bar at 20degC

Polypropylene 2 Bolt Saddles
PP Bolt Saddles - 2 bolts
Polypropylene 4 Bolt Saddles
PP Bolt Saddles - 4 bolts
Polypropylene 6 Bolt Saddles
PP Bolt Saddles - 6 bolts