Rainwater Harvesting


A sustainable, eco-friendly water irrigation system.

In conjunction with Michael Snelling, a design and communications consultant, AQUAMATION is proud to announce the arrival of


A revolutionary concept utilising rain water, a free and sustainable source, by collecting it in a tank and then applying it to water the garden, and all automatically! Watermizer is a tailored, all-in-one system that waters your garden efficiently and automatically, when and where needed. It collects rainwater from your roof into a holding tank, which can be topped up from the mains during extended periods of dry weather.

One great advantage of this system is that when the homeowner is away WATERMIZER will continue to irrigate the flowers, vegetables, tubs and hanging baskets, giving total piece of mind. Oh, and the water is free!!

The WATERMIZER project was inspired by a sustainability expert living in Geneva who asked, "How can my garden be watered efficiently and sustainably when I am away and it doesn't rain?"

Watermizer Benefits

• Ensures your garden is watered 365 days a year whether you are there or not.
• Eliminates guesswork about when and how much to water
• Provides flexible watering that can be programmed to a given time and duration
• Expandable to 100 watering nozzles and sprays each adjustable to your plants needs
• Prevents over watering by monitoring rain full and responding to soil conditions
• Saves on water bills by minimising use of mains
• Allows you to keep your garden watered sustainably, even during hose pipe bans

Harvesting free rain water to water your garden seems like a "no brainer" but surprisingly few of us are harnessing this free and sustainable resource.

Watermizer provides an all-in-one tailored system to allow you to do that.


• Large rain harvesting tank for collecting rainwater from your roof
• Programmable timer for up to 8 watering stations, individually timed for different garden areas
• Powerful, quiet pump ensuring water is delivered where it is needed, quickly and consistently
• Calibrated rain sensor that shuts down watering during and after rain to prevent unnecessary watering
• Automatic tank top up from mains supply during extended periods without rain.

The automatic answer

Designed by irrigation experts, Watermizer adapts the kind of automated controls used in large commercial irrigation systems to the needs of the small gardener.


Watermizer collects rainwater from your roof and stores it in a tank for future use.
• A programmable timer directs the water to where and when you want it
• When it rains a rain sensor turns the system off.
• If it doesn't rain and the soil dries, the system turns back on and resumes watering.
• In extended dry periods the tank is automatically topped up from the mains.

When you are busy or on holiday, or just not feeling up to it, Watermizer will water your garden, whether you are there or not, using a system that is both sustainable and economical.

We all lead busy lives and often priorities just take over. When you are away from home, or when there are other demands on your time, Watermizer ensures that your valuable plants and cherished lawns are watered.

Watermizer saves you time and money, and doesn't cost the earth.

Watermizer systems are exclusively available through Aquamation www.aquamation.co.uk

For more information please contact:

Michael Snelling
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